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El Paso (Feb 2009)

Karen's Non-Retirement Party


El Paso (Nov 2008)

Tea Party (Dec 2008)

Fischer Wedding (Dec 2008)

Fischer Wedding Shower (Nov 2008)

Tigers Fantasy Media 6-24-2009

Mollicone Visit (June 2009)

District Convention (June 2009)

Steve & Karen - Keeping Kids in the Game Event (July 2009)

Tigers Game (May 2009)

Zavislak Dinner - Carrs, Garrison, Bernardo (May 2009)

Tigers Game with Maddie & Emily (July 2009)

Lyn Fischer Going Away Dinner (August 2009)

Mary & Matt's Baby Shower (September 2009)

Mike and Evelyn Wedding 2006

Potgieter Wedding (February 2010)

Cooksey Wedding (February 2010)

Holly & Jamie - Wedding Shower (June 2010)

Furrer's Michigan Visit (July 2010)

Holly & Jamie's Wedding - August 2010

Ball's 25th Anniversary (December 2010)

Fischer 25th Anniversary Party - December 2010

Seabourn Cruise (February 2011)

Michael Prascius (July 2012)

Dinner Party (August 2012)

Holly and Jamie's Baby Shower (October 2012)

Tigers Postseason

Davis MI Visit (March 2013)

Winter Festival - Comerica Park (Dec 2013)

Luis DeLaHoya

Family Dinner with Jeff in Town (August 2015)

Dad's Stuff (August 2015)

Dad's Pictures (September 2015)